Administ... You are telling me something I know buddy! I know...

Jacques Roc - May 29 2009, 6:21 AM


You are telling me something I know buddy! I know all aspects of Distribution...let's not go there.

I can remind you of the proper phases of a film when it gets released.

1) It comes out of the theaters first, in various theaters.

2) After the theater showings it is released as a DVD for rentals
3) It is available for purchase...

We do not follow this processus, that's why our stuff fails.

The film companies use the same principle to succeed.

We spent more fighting with each other because we are stuck in that mentality of not understanding that competition makes everything work. The Haitian film producers need to work together to fight is the only way. We must give new directives to the consumer and teach every one how to buy a DVD and when to buy it, because they can't buy it if we don't make it available to is not the fact that a movie gets stolen usually from the studios where it gets sir! It is the first copy bought that gets copied.

That can be changed if all the producers get together instead of spend their energy fighting with each other...We all need to see more productions out there...ther is no need to try to break the producer cannot produce all the films, if he were the only one than there would only be 3 films out there a year; not ebough to satisfy the demand.

Come on let's tell the guys to work together to find that solution...I know the solution and one day sooner than you think you will know it to. As you say distribution is not just selling DVD but it is the reason why distribution exist.

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Hello Jacques. Distribution is not just selling DVDs.

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