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Roberson Douge - July 18 2006, 6:45 PM

this is the producer of the featured film "edge of friendship", roberson douge.

i have a response to valerie.

it is not only within the haitian community that the person who produces a film plays the main character.

the reason behind the fact why i've done it like that in this project, is simply because i couldn't find anybody to fit that specific character.

for it requires whoever plays it would have to not only be experienced in acting, but also has to be an expect in martial arts. and view the fact that i have over 16 years in chinese martial arts, i'm then qualified for that role.
you can direct your own project even if you play in it, as long as you have a co-director to assist you when you're acting.

i'm not a scheme sweety, nor am i selfish.

unfortunately our community does not offer a door of opportunities where true haitian actors/actresses could show there talents.

therefor i work with what i have. and further more, in contrast to other producers outthere, i open my door not only to critics, but also to help young upcoming talented actors and actresses within our community.

i deeply thank you for your comment.

and god bless.

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