No Sir. Take it easy on me, nothing perso. I feel deceived by...

Herold Israel - May 7 2009, 2:03 PM

No Sir. Take it easy on me, nothing perso.

I feel deceived by the way, i thought you were a wise guy. As I said I agree with your comment and just made a different point of view at the end, you're already on fire taking that HMF big head that don't pay no fun but a need of attention.

You see it's already getting conflictual and personal, because it is not sincere.

I respect your work and i am not your enemy.

We are on the same freaking sinking boat no matter how long the list of credits can be. We have to listen to the opinions of each other to understand the problem.

Not just yours which is what another Jacques would call masturbation.

Don't you realize how many trophies Arnold Antonin is getting out there while the Haitian Market think his work sucks.

Have you ever seen a Raoul Peck Movie in a Haitian store?

On a one person, one vote basis, I bet you to compete with a Tonton Dezirab's movie in North Miami.

It is a fact that the movie market is complicated.

I just reported what a big seller said, but you use it against me for no reason.

You should take it as an information instead.

Believe it or not, he is right.

I entered the debate because I thought it was a constructive one, but i just realize that it's a bragging forum to sell portfolio and empty dreams.

Like the Blair W Project, Borat or Mister Bean Holiday, we are not going to call them something else, because every good story on screen is a movie, and stop that artist-instructor attitude that, at the end, will make you look like Davertige in the street of Port-au-Prince.

You turned it toward me, as Williams would have said, se bon pou mwen, on kalot pou w te ban mwen. You will never hear from me again.

See you at the Kodak Theater.

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Yeah I got you! just like we don't need good doctors...

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