Tutu, You are 100% correct. We definitely need a restructuring...

Peter Paul - March 28 2009, 10:32 AM


You are 100% correct.

We definitely need a restructuring of our film industry.

What we have is not working.

Some of these filmmakers should not be making movies, until they have the knowledge to do so. There are plenty of information on the internet on how to make a film. There have to be some basic standards for filmmaking in our industry.

You can't go to Walmart and buy a camera for $100 dollars and expect to compete with people who have at least a semi pro camera.

When I decided I was going to make a film, my first thought was to learn how to best do it. I spent about 2 years trying to find out as much as I can about the whole process.

Mind you, I did take a few courses in Filmmaking, in college.

I do have a degree in Theatre Arts. I did work as a production assistant, on the set of an American Film. I have written and directed plays and I currently teach Drama, at a high school in Atlanta, GA. I was still cautious of the product I wanted to give to my people.

I have two films, sitting on my shelf at home, and I am worried about putting them out there, for somebody bootleg them. It cost me too much, took me too long and I put too much effort, in my product to watch it go to waste.

I only wish there were legitimate distributors, in our industry that could be trusted.

Trusted to go a good job. I spent over $10,000 on cameras alone.

$500 is would not be an issue to pay lawyer.

Everything that you said is so true. Hopefully, I can release my two movies this summer and early fall. If you have any personal advice, drop me an email at webmaster at sanouvle.com

Great advice,

Peter Paul



thank you for taking the time to read this article. it clearly means that just like me,your seeking the change...

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