the structure our industry needed

Joan Demosthene Tutu - March 28 2009, 9:31 AM

thank you for taking the time to read this article.

it clearly means that just like me, your seeking the change desperatly needed.

with that been said let's get started...

we often critisized the haitian people for not suporting our industry or product.

i TuTu, strongly disagree, for i believe that we haven't giving them a reason to support us as much as they should.

we have to show the strong sign of leadership, in another word let's stop confusing them but rather show them that we're on their side.

to begin with. i have to say that the key issue is, and will aways be a good distribution company.

one who's agenda is too provide the public with great products and create new strategies to get to the retailers.

filmmakers don't get alarm! but if you can't distribute your film, then only family members and friends would know about it's existence.

the few viewers you generate on youtube, hi5, belfim and myspace doesn't pay the bills.


you need to have a distribution company

the goal of such company in our industry should be as follow
post production...

-set a standard, for example: you required or provide your producers/director to shoot their project on the 24p format or hd.if they bring higher format then bouyaaaa...but you shouldn't go lower than that
-you require the scenes to be well lit
-the sound to be great
-the movie to be a specific lengh (at a minimum)
-have a team of people who knows about movies review the movie several time to see if it meets your standards.

believe me these things will give your company it's integrity.

this will automatically force filmmakers to meet your standard, that will result in better quality movies...with that been said your audience will already know what to expect from your filmmakers, better quality...remember, no director or filmmaker is better than another.

it's their story and cinematography and addition to pushing their actors to the edge to get the best out of them that differs them


the ideas of having your product in every stores should be considered a nightmare, the
road to destruction.

a thing of the past, don't even think about, no, no.
- select 2 or 3 stores in every major cities or town where ever you feel theirs potential buyers
-make sure the store owner sign a trust form wish allows them to sell your product to the consumer not for them to redistribute your product to other stores
-make sure you print the name of the stores that are allowed to sell your product in the back of the product including address in phone number
-what that does is, even if the stores whose licensed to sell your product would decide to sell your product to another store.

(they will try).

that other store doesn't have their name printed in your product and further more is not listed in your book will be sued..

yep, you would make enough money just with them

every single consumer becomes a special representent of your company.

if they buy your product in a store and the name is not in the back of it..

you'll receive a phone call
-make sure you copyright all products
-make sure you get yourself an entertainment lawyer, for 500 bucks their'll start the paper work. trust me this will be the best 500 bucks you've spent.

-last but not least, do lots of advertisement for your products and company..

then sit back, relax and watch all the young filmmakers join your company, while the consumers are happy and the bootleggers wishing death on you....

ha ha ha..remember to scream bouyaaaaaa when you become successful

my name is Joan Demosthene (TuTu) i share my ideas with you, for i believe we're the new generation and we have to come with new strategies to help our industry our country.

this is not about me, it's about the future of our community and our people.

after all that's why you sent me to school.

their you have it.

just say booyaaa if you thank this was helpful...

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Peter Paul says...

Tutu, You are 100% correct. We definitely need a restructuring of our film industry... more »