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Kaymar Original Production says...

woodring saint preux i no you like when im tell your name like that, anyway i will like... more »

Jean Christophe Metelus says...

I'm very glad that you support the haitian film.I hope that this collaboration will go... more »

Racine Auguste Sr says...

Thank you Woodring for those thoughts. By the way I have one question if I may: Do you... more »

Woodring says...

Yes, Actually I am in 3 Haitian movie, two of which are on DVD and one is coming soon as... more »

Marc says...

jwaye nwal ak ou menm tou Woodring, kenbe la pou tout bon travay yap fe nan kominote a... more »

Jean Junior says...

c'est tres touchant,ca me fais rire l'histoire du creole smile more »