I'm sorry but you guys out there you miss a lot when it comes...

Chris - November 15 2008, 1:37 PM

I'm sorry but you guys out there you miss a lot when it comes to movie.

by the way it is time to know to make a critic about a movie or a movie trailer.

First of all forget about the person who makes to movie, second put a part the technical part of movie.

for example, the name of that movie already tell you what that movie is about(se konsa mora toujou fel, bay fim li yo gwo non) men sa pou nou ta chache nan tout sa nap di la yo kisa ki nouvo nan movie sa.how will so and so will pay the price...

give me something that I didn't expect.

not the everyday think I see or i hear on the street.


I will take us more than 20 decade to understand this industry specially haitian people, because si sepa yon zanmi nou ki fe yon bagay nou pa soti pou nou apresye.

ankou ka degaje nou

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It is probably just me... I think Mora went out of...

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