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Christopher - September 7 2008, 1:23 PM

Actually we didn't write the Script, we did an adaptation and remember this is a simple book, like you go to hte book store you get a book and get the persmission of the person who write that book and start with your sript.

This one is way different.

we choose not to add not to substract from the Bible.

You mentioned the words that we used don't fit, if you ever have a chance read some chapter in creol from any Bible and come back here

we don't have any problem by saying La Vie de Job should be a "theatre" next time in that industry say Play just use the right word. We agree with you but how we will we tell the story exactly as is it in the Bible.

we thank you for your comments, but don't forget that we know a little of what we are doing but eventhough your comments will hepl us to become a master one day. God Bless.

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Where should I start. Ok, certain sript are made for...

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