voodoo is not christianity.... voodoo sucks

Martha Renaldo - August 19 2008, 6:14 PM

Give me a break! Voodoo is NOT Christianity, it is Satan worshiper.

Voodoo is not a religion, well may be it is! It is a religion of Satan point blank.

Voodoo has a lot to do with black magic, witchcraft, Satanism; it has a lot to do with death.

Who ever practices voodoo worships Satan.

No other way to put it. Satan wants to compete with God. If you all read the Bible, the story says, Satan was God favorite angel.

L'ange Gabrielle, the most handsome Angel God ever created.

He betrayed God, too agressive, pride, jealous then God cursed him and named him Satan, God chased him from Heaven with all his power, and now he's the king of this world.

He's the king of violence...

Satan wants to be God, he's not even close.

A voodoo priest is Satan.

Let me make a long story short.

I lived in Forth Lauderdale, for 3 years.

I rented a room from this guy named Tom-Pouce.

Before I rented the room, one guy told me be careful this guy looks nice, but he is a huge voodoo worshiper.

Okay, I rented the room from him. Every night, customers would come for voodoo service.

The next week I finally had a talk with him. I asked him what kind of business you are running.

I asked is this church business?

He said oh no! I'm running a...






I said what?

It was hard for him to say he's running a voodoo business.

Finally he said he's practicing a...




Oodoo business.

I said voodoo?

He said yes, but to heal the sick, solve problems, give good lucks, make you rich all that stuff.

I asked him do you hurt people?

He was very shocked his eyes wide open and with a soft voice, "oh no sweetie God said not to kill", "I'm not here to kill", "I'm here to help".

We were talking, he cooked some catfish and rice he gave me some. He gave me some orange juice, we drank, everything was great.

I said to myself, wow! That voodoo priest is not bad at all. The nicest man on earth.

Later that evening that's when everything started.

I was in my room sleeping at about 11:30 something woke me up. This loud noise woke me up. I jumped out of my bed what the hell was that?

I slowly opened my bedroom door a group of people was in the living room with all types of objects in hands, a woman picture, some clothes, shoes, piece of hair, panties, bras, sandals even bath water...

they all asking Tom-Pouce the voodoo priest to kill her, kill him, I want her dead, I want her to have a car accident...

Tom-Pouce face changed to some type of human dog, his voice changed, he called Bayaone, ti-Jean, all type of Evil Sprits, he took those objects and willing to hurt each one of those people.

As I was peeping, for some reason he saw me red handed.

He called me out of my room. I was scared to death.

I locked myself in the room. He send a lady to knock my bedroom door, the lady was his wife. (well voodoo priest can't get married because they already married Ezulie Freda, and Ezulie Dantor) the lady told me, "you need to get out of the room right now. I was in my Pj, I walked in the living room. She told Tom-Pouce, here she is. Tom-Pouce looked at me straight in the eyes and said, I can hurt you right now if i wanted to. He said with this loud voice in my ears, "do you know who I am?

He said it loud again do you know who I am?

And he said, audience tell her who I am, they all said, "bayaone" Tom-Pouce said with a blink of the eye I can make you disappear, I was about to say "Nigger you can't do Sh***t to me, pu**y a**ss nigger shut the fu***k up nasty sh***it why don't you masturbate, or f***k these nappy headed females...

i swear something was holding my big mouth.

The next thing he told me, he said, I don't want you to live here anymore.

Find somewhere else to go. I want you out of here by the first.

It was the 15th of the month by the 17th I was out the house.

I packed my things so quickly, I ran out the door. Thank God that desperate Satan worshiper could not find any power to hurt me. He could have if God wasn't alive.

I thank God for this. The Devil is a notorious liar, the greatest liar of all time. Don't believe a thing the Devil tells you that guy is nothing but sh***t Evil spirits and his angels are crap, at the end they will be burned.

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