The incredible

Junia - August 19 2008, 11:19 AM

La famille chabi is the greatest the funiest comedy of the year 2008 Nacha la guerre did a great job in that one I know there are haters who just hate chabi because of his talent let's not talk about chabi because this is not his movie he just play a role but Nacha Laguerre is the one behind all this job so guys let's start appreciating our directors work this movie has a story and lesson I think Blondedy ferdinand also show that she can play any role and Dabenz also show that he can act, anyway congratilations Nacha Laguerre I hope bel film's crew try to find Nacha laguerre because we want to know that man behind this great camerawork thanks..


Top 3 Directors in the Haitian Movie Industry

Who would you say is the top 3 best director in the haitian movie industry right now, I'm not talking about director...

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