Toussaint in Moviesurprising all the world

Pradel Osny Maisonneuve - July 30 2008, 6:26 PM

It's been a long time I'm asking why in the world over people like to wear a shirt of the "CHE" and even Haitians are crazy to wear it, imagine I'm studiying in Cuba and every year when I go for vacations a lot of friends are asking me for a shirt of "CHE" when they would rather ask for a shirt of "Toussaint", I think that in the world white people can do everything to deny the blacks but they can't do anything to deny the "MOST POWERFULL BLACK IN THE WORLD",and it will be a surprise for the whole world, So Danny Glover go ahead and the world will be waiting for it,"The First Revolutionnary is not Fidel Castro, is not Che Guevarra, and neither Camilo Cienfuegos but TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE".

Says Pradel Osny Maisonneuve

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