to Marie about her comment un plaisir mortel

Chris - July 25 2008, 1:31 PM

marie even a 5 years old of age kid can understand either you are in that movie or a family member.

By the way no matter how you are related to these people I think you didn't come to the earth like a tree, I may assume that you went to school this is to say that you shoud ignore "mediocrite" therefore just watching a trailer you couldn't have a conclusion to say this movie is hot, I like the fact that you have the courage to surf on the net and make comments, but do you know what makes a movie good or bad, in your point of view it can be the best movie ever, but technical speaking it doesn't mean that the movie is good. we are not the only nation who make bad movie, the American people do it, african do it but ours are worst.

sorry if I'm saying that but it is a fact, some of them is not bad, thous the marjority of them are ...

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