I understand your point of view, there are a lot of producers...

Tifiled2008 - July 19 2008, 3:31 PM

I understand your point of view, there are a lot of producers that are not proffesional but you do not have the right to put them down because they did not attend a well known university or college.

You state "I, and educated Haitian consumers will only watch films that are made by educated producers such as who actually "graduated" from film school".

I think the reason you state that is because you had an opportunity to get a good education in a well known school and you feel that you are better than those that did not get one. In this life not everyone is blessed to attend a well known school.

There are a lot of producers that did not attend a well known college or university and they have done a good job producing their movies.

All of my producers outhere that attend technical film schools or a weekend film schools keep doing what you do, don't let people like him discourage you, learn from your mistake and do the best that you can do.

Perfection does not exist - you can always do better and you can always grow.
Lee Iacocca

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Well saidaEĀ¦ These so-called Haitian movies...

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