Jacque - July 19 2008, 1:32 PM

Well said…

These so-called Haitian movies directors or producers can make all the "home-made" movies that they want with those cheap digital camcorders bought at Sears.com. However, they CANNOT make me or any other Haitian consumer watch these terrible movies.

By the way, these movies are not films, but home-made videos.

I, and educated Haitian consumers will only watch films that are made by educated producers such as who actually "graduated" from film school.

Note: I mean "graduated", not simply went to a school for a while and did not "finish." Also, I mean graduated from an accredited "college or University" not a local "international” technical school with no credentials.

Know anyone with the above qualifications?

If so, please let the Haitian Public and all of us know about this producer/Director/Film maker, and we will certainly show our support by watching their films at theaters, and by purchasing their original DVDs.

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