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Fanatik Cinema says...

good job guys frantz design is back is gonna be a hit be ready for it movie serieux neg... more »

Fanatick Movie says...

hey people go check the trailer of forgivenes or le pardon now good job samuel more »

John says...

$100 dollars admission!!!!!! are you nuts. What the hell is going on here. im shocked!! more »

Nadia From Freeport Long Islandes says...

D'accord,je vous salue et vous feliciter pour ce grand travail,Frantz design je trouve... more »

Katie From Ocean Ave Bk says...

frantz design mes compliments c'est un travail formidable Je suis tres emu.Continue avec... more »

Haitian Actor.. says...

oh man i just finish watchin this movie and i must say you guys did a great job.. great... more »