why african actors not haitians?

Hansel27 - May 7 2008, 6:09 PM

pouki let ayisien we you african actor li mandel autograph met let se you haitian actor yo pa bal valeur?

te gen you grand premier movie african ki te fet nan miami, kote te gen plis ayisien pase african ki kanpe lan liye pou yo pran autograph..

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Carline Bel says...

I totally agree with you. I was at a Grande Premiere (my first time playing in a movie)... more »

Sherlly Boisrond says...

Ou kon-n pou kisa,se paske li konnen kiyes ki pep nou-an, youn pep ki toujou ap apresye... more »

Melodie says...

I think the reason some of us don't go crazy when we see a Haitian actor is because when... more »

Can T Leave My Name says...

You are absolutely right, two weeks ago, I saw Mecca A.K.A Grimo at the Bayside... more »

Champana says...

Most of us (haitians) do not know or understand what being (courteous) and happy with... more »