wack haitian movies

Neg-belair - March 23 2008, 8:43 PM

I think Haitian movies are the worst, they are plain out terrible, they have no foundation, no base, the actors don't know what the hek they are doing.

Please go to acting school before you can start calling your self an actor.

I am a proud HAITIAN 100% natif natal, but truth be told AFRICAN movies are ruling AMERICA right now whether they are in French or English, that's a shame.

The only HAITIAN movies I kinda enjoyed was La Rebelle.

And PS stop making Haitian movies in Miami or New York, make them in Haiti, Just like the Africans do it in their own country may be that will help make those terrible movies better.

Thank you

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I agree with you. Most of them are wack but they have...

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