I agree, what have any of you done so far to make yourselves...

Cat - January 30 2008, 6:00 PM

i agree, what have any of you done so far to make yourselves known.

the fact that you are here on this site writing about him proves how important he must be in your life. you probably watched his movies, he's making a move to bring haitian movies to the world and by the way there isn't any countries in the world that does not copy movies.

if you want to know the names of these countries, let me know and i will certainly tell exactly what movies they copy. then, i want to see you critize them. instead of supporting your fellow man, you putting him down. by all means, please tell him what he did wrong in a movie but don't come here and desrespect him, god knows he did more than you could and if you think you could do better, put out a movie.

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eske yo bay sousad nan haitian movie yo paske mwen pa...

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