Oh my god i think i'm so late. reason why cause i was talking...

By: Mz Lady (replying to topic) - December 25 2007, 8:54 PM

oh my god i think i'm so late. reason why cause i was talking to a friend of my earlier he sent me to this website called belfim and i happen to stop bye and watch some hatian movie trailers in i have to say dat i'm really proud of my haitian people cause i happen to see dis movie trailer called destiny in i want to say dat trailer really caught
my attention.

destiny boys in girl i wanna let yall know something keep yall head up cause u guys really did yall thing.

in i promise myself dat i will go in see dat mirracle finally haitian got dis actions dat i've been hoping to see in a haitian movie.january,12,2008 i have to be their.

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Destiny movie trailer 2

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