Why is it difficult to get Haitian actors to...

Violetta Joseph - November 25 2007, 5:18 PM

work with African American directors and writers.

I have posted several castings.

I have not received any response except from Jimmy Jean Louis ( I thank him for his consideration).

I need the French flavored Haitian accent for my project and the screenplay was written for a Haitian cast. I'm being cast off by American backers and Haitians alike.

It is uncomfortable to request to work with specific people and be pushed off. No, I'm not Steven Spielberg or Spike Lee but I am a good writer and I am an honest producer.

I would like to connect with the community to get this project done. There is not enough good work for actors of color, this is a good project.

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Jacky Ambroise says...

If you need haitian actors you should be able to find them on belfim if not check the... more »

Fritz Buissereth says...

send me your e-mail adress or your phone number more »

Violetta Joseph says...

Violetta Joseph 4148736263 filmfantasywisconsin at yahoo.com Send your resume or... more »