Hey famdouce what mistake did i make. i guess u might be da...

Ms Thickness - November 16 2007, 6:26 PM

hey famdouce what mistake did i make. i guess u might be da one who's making da mistake cause i know what i'm talking bout in trust me dats real i already seen all da trailers what else you want me to see again come on man i'm not gonna argue over dis pettie little things cause u don't know what u talking about ok.u guys just saying positive thing about yall pepole i'm not i'm just telling yall what i see on here.dat destiny is da best trailer dats all i'm saying in dats plain in sample.tell yall da truth da only way i meet one of dis producers out their is only when i go to their granpremiers so aint no need to be fighting for them but i got to tell it how it is, destiny trailer is da bum.in u yall all no it so give producer john harris his credit dats all i'm saying.

holla much love to all da producers

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Hi How are you doing? You just made a mistake. Go to...


Destiny movie trailer

Carlo, i just read ur litle comment and I love it. In one hand i see that you don't let my movie trailer have any...

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