Haitian writer need to write about these subjects Haitian...

Y Raphael - November 7 2007, 6:02 PM

Haitian writer need to write about these subjects
Haitian preacher need to preach about these subjects
the Haitian public needs to be informed about the mistreatment of other Haitians everywhere in the world.

Haitian film maker needs to make movies about real lives situation like this one.
while i was watching the movie trailer i felt sick it is absurd it is degrading .I ask why Des salines, Petion, Toussaint and all the Haitians has died for.

I hope that one day Haitians will stop depending on the diaspora, international Aid, the Haitian government and start doing things for themself, Haitian people needs to educate themself and start procteting the people, nature and wildlife of Haiti.

PS the grasss is not greener on the other side.

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