Destiny movie trailer

By: John Harris - October 27 2007, 6:04 PM

Carlo, i just read ur litle comment and I love it. In one hand i see that you don't let my movie trailer have any effect on what you wanna accomplish in the haitian movie industry.That's great
once again i love that, you keep ur head up, you have the mind of a hero. but in the other hand it's looks like you standing up in front of a building by thinking may be in 10 years you'll be taller than that building.that's great too, but you know as i know, in real life you never will if you know what i mean.
You call me your child, you said when you started making movie i was still sucking in my mother's milk, lol. remenber"aux Armes bien nees la valeur n'attend point le nombre des annees.

I am John Harris Desinor my friend, i'm the one who engaged to the haitian community right now, and not to forget the wedding ceremoy will be on January 12th 2008-6:30pm at the Performing Art Theatre.

be there, bring paper and pincil because there's a lot to be learned.

I'm a very jealous producer and because of the fact my woman(haitian community) loves me and i love her, mwen pito tiye yon blan m leve yon nwa(work harder) there 's no way i would let you or Kerby(la trace) get my woman(haitian community) away from me.
Once again, My name is John Harris Desinor and this is

not your time Carlo, this is my time

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Monalisa Roux says...

Carlo its Monalisa Monique's only daughter u remember Mike well i just wanted to tell u... more »

Ms Thickness says...

hey famdouce what mistake did i make.i guess u might be da one who's making da mistake... more »

Kate says...

Fanm dous I think you made a mistake. want you to go see the 2 wepons trailer and let me... more »

Fammdous says...

Hi How are you doing? You just made a mistake. Go to see LATRACE Trailer and let me know... more »

Ms Thickness says...

now you talking rony but at first you was saying alot of negative thing about carlo,n... more »

Rony says...

thickness now I see where you standing at. why dont you just say dat john harris is your... more »

Ms Thickness says...

let me tell you something da reason why i said dat is da fact dat u said latrace is da... more »

Real Haitian says...

Tchickness, let me ask you something when exacly you know the movie will be good from... more »

Ms Thickness says...

no sweety just for da record i don't even know john harris but come on it seems to me da... more »

Real Haitian says...

Thickness, if you wanna make a positive feed back, that's not the best way to do it. it... more »

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