A personal letter to Liltle John Harris

Like It Carlos - October 26 2007, 10:54 PM

Hi John.
I have heard from the large ears and mouths around this community that you are really interested in stepping up to a challenge to compete with me. Not to brag, but the first Haitian action film was "The Traitor" and since that time everyone who has made enough money for a camera has been trying to copy me. I commend everyone on their effort but I know a very famous saying which stands and will hold true for as long as haitian action films exist.

It goes like this "Often imitated, never duplicated." To give you an example lil john, it is like Coke and no-name cola knock-offs, sure the cheap brand may somewhat resemble the taste but you will always feel that something is missing, maybe it is the texture, the amount of sweetener, or maybe even the shape of bubbles in the glass, whichever way you see it - you know it is not the real genuine, authentic REAL thing.

Same goes for you John, you put in some good effort in making your film Im sure, I saw your preview and to be honest with you its nice congradulations.

But you simply cant touch me, I`ll eat you for Breeakfast.

Eventhough you are mad and saying things on belfim about how destiny is going to be all that and blah blah, you know you cant be the real authentic Carlo the Father as they call me, of the Haitian action movies.

It is also true that pioneers end up with arrows in their backs but the arrows are from the people who are not ready to accept new ways of doing things, either way it brings me out in the open.

In other words anything you can say about me I LOVE it, you dis me I LOVE IT, because that is what tells me what I am doing right.

If you made no mistakes at all in your life, what kind of the example would you make?

People would not be able to relate to you because "To Err is human" If you have nothing but smooth success people stop caring about you because they think you were born with a silver breast in your mouth.

Speaking of which it is true that when I started to make action films you were still sucking your mother's milk.
I apperciate that a son wants to step up to his father for the quest of manhood, but you still got years of training to do action films, keep it comming, maybe one day when my hair turns gray and I retire...

just MAYBE
I have a homework for you my son, Go to the store, buy a copy of the Traitor, pay the guy, then go home and study it to see if you can beat it but dont even think about The 2 Weapons of Life, no offence but there will be no competition my little John Harris.

I wish you best with all my heart my child


A personal letter to Liltle John Harris

Hi John. I have heard from the large ears and mouths around this community that you are really interested in stepping...

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