About Ms Carole taking a break in the Movie B.

Chris - August 1 2007, 3:45 AM

I just can' tunderstand why ms Carole said that she is taking a break in the Movie Business because she never and she will never put a good product out there.

Let me tell you some Ms carole, Movie is not like you go to the restaurant you buy a plat of mai moulin and you eat it. two movies that you put in the market don't have any goob movie aspect.

You have to do a lot of efffort in other for you to talk about Movie.

As you can see there are a lot of good movie in the haitian market so take your time to watch them may be one day you may do some good movies.

morat ap voye tenten, Jean Gardy se pired alo pitit ranje koze-w souple.

I would like to be a producer but I can't I just act in some movies and this is it. so once again take your time before you put another tenten nan mache a.

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