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Francis - June 20 2007, 12:55 AM

you said that your an artist too if you believe that your not a hater why don't you disclose your name why not the guy is a model and also an actor he showcase his body how ever he wants to what are you a litle girl why a man complaining about a guy showing off his body give it a rest man and for one second like the rest of 8 millions haitians outhere all we do is critisize we don't support each other in nothing were so fast to judge others god people find something else to do with yall time danm man if you don't beleive that you not suppose to show off your body to get girls than that's you budy that's your opinion let him do what he wants to do it's is body as long as his strategy works for him let him be nigga danm people yall make me wanna vommit

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Let me explain something to you Maroso or whatever...

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Marc Anthony Delerme

Actor, L'Amour et L'amitie (2006)

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Wow, Wow, Wowww this is where I have to put a stop in...

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