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Jacques Roc - June 16 2007, 12:34 AM

Hi Tiroode
I must thank you for liking my film even though you have'nt seen the entire film as it were created.

It is not your fault.

You had good intention when you brough the bad copy. Most people did not know...The completed film is still 2hour long but with 12 major scenes that did not make it yet in the first montage of the movie...we were just putting it toghether, while we waited for all the images to come from the lab, since this film was shot on film not video...the first and not completed montage of Pluie d'Espoir was on the street.

You got to see the final version of the movie since you like it this much...please tell everyone to wait and not to watch the bootleg copy. Write to me and I will let you know when the movie is being released in theaters.

Be good! You are absolutely right, there is something for everyone in my was done for all haitians.

Jacques Roc

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Pitit, you would definetely not regret buying this...

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