Edrward - June 9 2007, 5:32 PM

most popular movie on belfim 2007 just 2007 and the reasons.

1.tifi paste a - (they taught it was very bad )
2.le fils du diable (they talked about it for 3 months )
3.cousine (because of that guy jimmy jean louis) rebelle (the bootleg drama with tlediaspora )
5.choc terrible (some people thought it was bad)
6.pluie despoir (bootleg drama waiting for good copy)
7.oasis (people expected something better)
8.player 1/2 (because reginald cange )

popular actor an actresses

1.genji jacques (the girls love him)
2.jimmy jn louis (because his hollywood)
3.paulson azemar (the girls love this guy)
4.reginald cange (the girls love him great singer)
3.marc delerme (good actor girls crazy about him)
4.raynald delerme (because tifi pastea they were mad at him)
5.tonton bicha (they think his funny )
6.mecca grimo (the interview about the refuges)
7.miss carole (because of the movie)

and a couple of actrsses that i don't remember their name
but i can tell you it's nobody on your list mr woodring

you see their are true fans out there theirs people watching so please have a litle respect for the haitian crowd that are watching sir

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The belfim top 10 list is not a list the we pick at...

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